Bir Billing -From a dream to reality

It all started upon one fine blue day, indeed Monday. Honestly, I was not in a mood to work, so out of curiosity, I started exploring places for a weekend getaway near Delhi, i.e within the radius of 500 km. In no time, I found myself engrossed in the natural beauty of this small town - Bir. Bir is a … Continue reading Bir Billing -From a dream to reality



Finally, the Friday night(30th October 2015) had arrived to take us away from the daily hassles and busy life of Delhi. we(Tushar, Onkesh, Pralabh and me)  managed to get free from our offices by 8 PM and boarded the metro at around 8:30 PM to reach Old Delhi railway station. When everyone was chattering, I was imagining … Continue reading Lansdowne