Diu, the land of surprises

The last leg of our Gujarat trip got us to Diu, the land of surprises. My earliest recollection of Diu would be when I was 12, marking it on a political map of India. I guess my obsession with travel maps dates back to my childhood ūüėČ When we were about to reach Diu, the … Continue reading Diu, the land of surprises



The road journey from Bhuj to Dwarka was on cards for Day 4 of my Gujarat tour. Just be seated on the co-driver seat until I take my chances on what I saw that day.¬†Speeding by, there were¬†vast stretches of cotton fields and from a distance appeared like balls of snow sprinkled atop plants.¬†I have … Continue reading Dwarka


One fine day, after having dinner, mother of the house started complaining by saying "Do you even know, it has been three years since we had our last family trip to Jaipur?" Before we could utter anything, the conversation took a sharp U-turn and epicenter was now on the used utensils still lying on the … Continue reading Gujarat